This is a sponsored post…written by a concerned Nigerian
I am here to shamelessly support a project I stumbled upon recently that shook me to my core.The short film I am talking about is called Dawn of Thunder. Maybe i’m a little late to the game as I just saw it some days ago, but after watching it I personally feel it is one of the best things to happen to Nigeria of recent. Seeing what the team behind it are trying to accomplish and and the amount of dedication that seems to have gone into this gives me goosebumps literally. It is a short film about Sango, and even though I am not Yoruba, I love, love , love it. I cannot stress that enough.
They recently announced that they needed support from the public to turn it in a movie. When I heard this I felt utterly dissapointed and a bit disgusted that they had to go this route for something of this magnitude. I personally thought for something  that would redeem our image globally, hoards of investors would swoop down to help achieve their goals. Where are all the big brands and wealthy individuals in Nigeria, where are all the guys who floss on instagram and show receipts from a “successful” night of clubbing.
I heard they had approached a few brands for sponsorship but there was no traction, this is a common trend in this country, where corporate bodies and those in power say openly that they support the youth but in private only service those with deep pockets for greater returns.
I have seen several instances of intelligent young chaps in Nigeria building cars out of recycled materials and doing a lot of wonderful things that could better the nation, where are they now?Projects like Dawn of Thunder are rare in Nigeria, even in Africa. Is it when these guys leave Nigeria and get featured on CNN that the famzing will start? (see Anthony Joshua)
And where are my fellow Nigerians. Would you rather support this amazing project or would you pay money to a Bobrisky to view his private snapchat and make him trend till he is featured on MTO, and that will be the face of Nigeria.These guys have not decided to do drugs or 419 but work hard to give Nigeria a good name.
I am not here to offend anybody, im just a concerned Nigerian. Just check them out on instagram @komotion_studios and you will understand my frustration. And they even have a website too, and it is clean! How many Nigerian movies promote their films like this…and they haven’t even done a movie yet.
I was supposed to contribute to their cause but I felt giving their project exposure would be better. Everyone needs to see this for God’s sake. If the Komotion guys see this, keep up the good work, the few of us are rooting for you. Carry go!

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