Every Upcoming artist in Nigeria is looking forward to be famous and rich, just like their role model at the top. But many have failed to find several answers to some question like; how did they (Top Act) do it? What tools or method did they use? What was the challenge they faced? What kind of person are they?


Below seven reason are given why the fail to analyze the above questions and why they will fail.


  1. CHARACTER: Many of these so called artists (upcoming) have very bad characters, as they attain little fame within their hood; they find it very had to control their ego, forgetting the fact that their first fans have a lot to play in the growing of their fame. They get drunk in their ego and forget humility is the key to get featured in any step to push an artist.


  1. GENRE OF MUSIC: Within the past few years several Genre of Music have been trending day after day and in different location, the inability of some artist to produce different kind of music, have restricted and dream and aspiration to perform in some gathering or location , eventually reducing the level at which their fan base should grow.


  1. LOCATION: Location matters a lot in the art of Music, with exploration of different location and artist will not find it easy to produce songs that come from and expose individual, it is very important artist perform outside their normal gigs. To increase their exposure and fan base, many have restricted themselves to their current location due to fear of intimidation or lack of orientation.


  1. MANAGEMENT: Many artist don’t know the importance of a Manager, even if some top act never use a record label they have a very good manager, the likes of managers like Don Jazzy, ………….,…….okeke have help many artist to realized their dreams, artist need to know that a management have a lot to play in their consistence and success as music artist.


  1. MUSIC QUALITY: Artists (upcoming acts) have failed to observe that the productions  do have affect music no matter how good an act may be, shit songs do come as a result of poor production, and once production is poor, Djs at gigs, radio stations, Tv Stations, show etc wont love to replay such songs.


  1. PROMOTION: When talking Music and Music Business join together, we can’t avoid promotions because, in the scale of preference for music business, promotion rank in the top list, artist know that they need promotions to reach the peak, but many lack the ability to determine the means of promotion and the time at which each of the style of promotions should be used.


  1. BELIEVE: The last be not the least, it’s a common saying that “what some people know is what will kill them”, some artist aren’t flexible in their way of reasoning or thinking their ability to move from one Orientation to another is zero, they stick to a certain believe and refuse to consider it disadvantage. As an artist to grow you need to learn how to borrow and blend in people’s opinion, critics and ideas.




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