It has been a well known fact that music is business and up and coming artistes are entrepreneurs. The music industry is one of the entertainment industries in the world that has massively grown into a well to do industry with a lot of financial benefits. But it seems most up and coming artistes across the world had one belief that music or their mp3 is the main product they’re selling. This is a BIG MISTAKE. There are lot or artistes who has pushed their mp3 to the public but still not yet blown because they focus on selling the wrong products.
It is an inarguable fact  that the mp3 , social media presence, etc are all to sell the BRAND NAME AND LOGO(FACE) of an artist.
What do you think some artistes make hit sounds that received massive airplay and topped the charts and yet couldn’t sustain that fame with subsequent sounds?
Its because they sold their mp3 and not their BRAND NAME!
Until the public can download any shit they see your name on it, you haven’t actually sold your brand name.
Your mp3 is not the product, you are!
And by that, I mean your NAME and FACE!
Those are your true product, SELL IT!
This is #FactsWithKulqee, stick here for another episode #itsAseries.
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