#FactsWithKulqee: How to grow RAPID ORGANIC FAN BASE in 3-months as an up and coming artiste
The industry need money no doubt, but there are little secrets that can produce massive increase in fan base with little or no money.
One can attest to the fact that fan base is the secret behind huge earnings in the industry. Since up and coming artistes or independent fast rising artistes can’t afford major promotional strategies and productions, one can easily take up this secret and boost his/her fan base in a space of 3-6 months.
We all know that every single producer both the A-list and upcoming producer has a small kingdom they rule. They all have their weak points and strengths in terms of sounds and genres of music. They as well have artistes, sound engineers, radio OAP’s, DJ’s , etc who are loyal to their productions.
Its advisable you try not to stick to a single producer as each producer is liable to directly or indirectly expand your fan base. Try to work with producer across every angle of your town and step up to others in the neighboring cities.
This is an organic way to build fans.
Though you’ll need to create a sort of rapport with the producer to be sure he/she offers his best on the production. And also be sure he/she commands a massive cultic fan base. Also endeavour to be sure you work with producers whose strengths lies in your type of sound.

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