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oozenaija.com.ng is a subsidiary of OOZE ENTERTAINMENT, both created for the purpose of promoting good entertainment via performing and None performing art

Akinola Olusegun the Founder of the firms, tends to improve the art of entertainment as it has been done by others in the past, working alongside  others.

Akinola Olusegun
Akinola Olusegun

Segun is a content manager/editor at oozenaija. He’s a dynamic being with a multi-faceted personality allowing him juggle his engineering discipline alongside a  thirsty passion for the arts – music and writing. With so much to give, he doesn’t just want to be seen, he wants to be heard and by whatever means possible.

He tweets @segzydoo4u.

Email: segzydoo4u@oozenaija.com.ng